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We are a Midtown Memphis Church caring for the whole man and the whole of man. Everything we do will be Bible Based, Christ Centered and Life Focused

About Us: History


In 1938, the late Rev. W. P. Hayes formulated the idea of creating a church in a house on Montgomery Street. The church moved to a garage building on Lewis Street (829 Lewis Street) owned by Jimmy Beard and his wife. The membership, of the now named Greater Lewis Street Missionary Baptist Church, consisted of several deacons, one mother and a few members.

Gradually, the fellowship began to grow and to receive assistance from one of the local white congregations, Bellevue Baptist Church. The church (Bellevue) sent Rev. Hayes to Bible College in Nashville, Tennessee, for four years, allowing him to earn a degree in Religion. They also made many contributions to Lewis Street and bought literature for the Sunday School from David C. Cook Publishers which is currently being used.

One of the highlights during this time was the outstanding adult choir under the direction of Sis. Alma Hayes. She is remembered as one of the great musicians in the Memphis area.

After a while, the decision was made to select a new spiritual leader. The Lord directed the congregation to the late Rev. Willie P. Dixon and on the fourth Sunday in April 1959, he was officially installed as the new pastor of Lewis Street Missionary Baptist Church. The 36 year-old minister brought with him his wife, Floyd, and their four children: Leonard, Annie Lois, Willie Jean and Paulette. He also brought a great deal of energy and determination to get the job done. His first task was to reorganize the youth choir. He asked a friend of his, the late Ules Mabone, Sr., if his daughter, Regina Mabone Franklin, could play for his newly formed choir, and he agreed.

The church once again began to grow and flourish spiritually and physically. On the third Sunday in September 1968, the church moved to 698 North Manassas and Greater was attached to the name. In 1978, the church building underwent extensive renovation under the direction of the pastor and Rev. Earl Watson.

Greater Lewis Street Missionary Baptist Church continued to grow spiritually, physically and financially. Again, under the direction of the late W. P. Dixon, on the first Sunday in March 1996, God blessed us to move to our current site at 152 East Parkway North.


The following brethren were called into the ministry under the leadership of the late Reverend W. P. Dixon: Reverend Earl Watson, Minister Andrew Hall, Minister John Bandy and Minister William Watson. Minister Grover Shepherd, Minister Linda Fleming and others were already members when they were added to our fellowship.

Due to the home going of the late Reverend W. P. Dixon, a new spiritual leader was selected, Reverend Carlton Williams. He brought with him his wife Jacqueline and their daughter Jennifer. Under his leadership, Reverend Myron Donald was called into the ministry.

After an interrupted tenure, a new spiritual leader was selected. Pastor Myron Donald took over as our spiritual leader the first Sunday in July 2003, and was officially installed the second Sunday in October 2003. Reverend Myron Donald and his family, consisting of his wife Angela and their children Mya and Jonathan were already active members of the Greater Lewis Street Missionary Baptist Church family.

Under Pastor Donald?s leadership, a number of new ministries have been established, as well as, major renovations made possible through the Capital Campaign Fund that ran through 2005. Two ministers were also called into the ministry under his leadership, Minister Bettina Watson Hudson and Minister Marvin Bell.

We are most thankful for the spiritual growth that has taken place in our fellowship. Our ultimate goal is to teach, preach, and lift Christ that others will be drawn to Him.

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